Renting Water Purifiers

Your Guide to Renting Water Purifiers: Addressing Common Concerns


The concept of “Try before you buy” is particularly relevant in the case of high-cost home appliances like water purifiers. And with services like water purifier rental, you have the opportunity to use a water purifier before making a purchase.

In this article, we will delve into water purifier rentals, examining the benefits and challenges faced by users.

Understanding Water Purifier Rental

Water purifier rental allows you to rent a water purifier for a nominal fee for a period. Here are some of the benefits of water purifier rentals:

1. Cost-effective

Purchasing a water purifier is a substantial investment. On the other hand, a rented water purifier gives you the same benefits and features at a nominal cost. Looking for an RO on rent? Opt for Aquaguard’s water purifier rental. With no installation, maintenance, or machine costs, Aquaguard Rentals stands out as one of the most convenient and flexible water purifier service providers in the market. Furthermore, their rental plans are as low as ₹599/month.

2. Convenience

Renting a water purifier offers you the utmost convenience and flexibility as you don’t need to worry about installation, maintenance, or repairs.

3. Zero Maintenance

You can eliminate the stress of regular servicing when renting a water purifier from Aquaguard. You just need to log in to the Eureka Forbes app or website using your registered mobile number and select a preferred date and time for water purifier maintenance. You will receive a confirmation in a few minutes and an expert technician will be assigned to you.

Concerns about renting water purifiers

1. Should I invest in a water purifier rental or get a new water purifier?

Buying a water purifier can be expensive. Meanwhile, renting a water purifier is cost-effective. Additionally, if you are constantly on the go or frequently travel to various locations, opting for a rented water purifier is a more suitable choice. Moreover, renting also eliminates the burden of annual maintenance charges, as these expenses are covered by the company. Furthermore, the process of renting a water purifier is simple and hassle-free.

2. How water purifier rental works

Renting a water purifier is a simple process that begins with selecting a rental plan based on your needs. The subsequent steps involve providing details such as your name and installation address for hassle-free delivery, completing payment, and choosing an installation date and time.

3. How do I schedule maintenance?

You can get in touch with your service provider to schedule maintenance for your water purifier rental. With Aquaguard rental, this process is seamless and stress-free. Log in to the Eureka Forbes app or website and select your preferred date and time for maintenance.

4. Will the water purifier be brand new?

It is a common concern that might come to your mind when getting a water purifier on rent. But, with trusted water purifier manufacturers like Aquaguard, there’s no need to worry. The Aquaguard sent to you is serviced regularly. Additionally, multiple checks are done to ensure that the machine is in optimal condition before delivery.

If you are looking for a water purifier on rent, opt for an Aquaguard. They have launched their water purifier rental services. You can get an RO+UV Aquaguard on rent at ₹599 with zero installation, maintenance, and machine cost. You can visit their website for more information about Aquaguard rental.

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