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We have been following the online website publisher market for more than five years  . Building a simple website is not much of a problem today.

But can the same be said of mobile applications?  Is it possible to create a mobile application without knowing programming?

When my wife considered creating one for her  museums site , we took the opportunity to try out some of the best online mobile app builder tools out there. There is no shortage of companies that offer this kind of service: we have identified more than thirty of them.

Update: We have now created and launched the app thanks to GoodBarber. You can test it yourself here .

How to create an app in 5 steps:

While you can build your own PWA app for around $ 8-30 per month, designing a native app isn’t going to spare your wallet. For an application intended for the Android ecosystem, most publishers will ask you to shell out about 35-60 € every month, and this can go up to double for an iOS application.

We have discovered a young and promising market, with a lot of new things to come. Here are our favorite online mobile app makers right now:

This application editor with the original name comes from Corsica and impresses us with the aesthetics of its themes. They also offer the most advanced functions, such as Geofencing and iBeacons.

Obviously, they also sell you lots of additional modules, and you can even pay them to install the platform for you (59 €). Most prices are for a 1 year license which is still cheap compared to a monthly subscription. There is also a Multi-App edition with which you can create an unlimited number of applications for 399 €. Resellers pay € 799 for a white label version. The latter two offer assistance in French.

Looking for more information on mobile app publishers?

We now have a dedicated site to offer you in-depth testing of different app vendors. Discover additional resources and information to help you find the app builder tool that best fits your project or trade.

This Dutch editor is visually impressive without being overwhelming. We liked the idea of ​​using Lego building blocks. This is one of the best online mobile app builder tools we’ve tested, and while the user interface isn’t always intuitive at first, we believe this solution has the potential to become one of the major players in this market.

Its free subscription, rather unique in its kind, can appeal to beginners. Note, however, that this option only includes a mobile site. To obtain a native iOS or Android application, it will be necessary to switch to a paid subscription, the prices being quite close to other publishers of mobile applications.

The video on this site puts forward a bold figure: one in twenty apps is based on BiznessApps. Since its creation in 2010, the Californian company has contributed to the development of more than 300,000 applications.

Mobile Roadie is one of the main players in the market and proudly displays the list of its customers: Disney, and Universal have created applications on this platform.

There are also some cool community features available, such as online discussions and a comment wall, which may be particularly useful for artists and bands. Musicians will also appreciate the seamless integration of the music player.

Very advanced features, such as geo-targeting for your content, are also offered. Given the wide range of features offered, it will take you longer to master this app editor than most other solutions.

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