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Top 5 Ice Flavour Disposables 2022


The summer heat is certainly here for the coming weeks, and with the sun not letting up we are finding that everyone is still wanting to pick up disposable vape flavours with plenty of cooling. 

We’ve taken a look at the numerous different icy flavours available to give you the heads up on which we think are the best so you can focus on staying cool this summer. 

1 – Vapeman Solo+ Blueberry Ice

Blueberry ice is a classic flavour that people always seem to go back to, pairing a simply delicious fruity blueberry with a punch of cooling ice in the background. 

There are many fruity options available, but this solo vapes offering is the first place we’d always recommend people start at simply for how good this flavour is. 

2 – Pachamama Mint

Technically, this isn’t an ice flavour but this cooling hit of mint packed with a cooling sensation certainly makes its way to our list for being one of the most refreshing disposable vapes available to keep you cool in this heatwave. 

3 – Vapeman Solo+ Cherry Ice

Another amazing offering from the Vapeman Solo Vapes range, but this time it’s cherry ice. Packing a perfectly tart cherry flavour alongside their signature icy cooling finish on their summer flavours, this is another great cooling disposable vape flavour that you won’t want to miss!

4 – Geekbar Strawberry Ice Cream

This is another one that isn’t really an ice flavour, but you can resist the great taste of fruit and ice cream in the summer. This Geekvape Geekbar flavour is an amazingly creamy ice cream flavour packed with lashings of fresh, ripe strawberries. 

5 – Brit Bar Cool Mint

Another “ice” flavour that’s technically not an ice flavour, but still deserves a place on this list. Brit bar is a range of british made disposable vapes with british made flavours so you can support your country at the same time as grabbing a delicious flavour! Cool mint is exactly how you could imagine it – a refreshing spearmint flavour with a hit of cooling menthol. 

While we’ve detailed the Top 5 ice disposable vape flavours 2022, we know that some people still love non-ice flavours, dessert flavours or even tobacco flavours during the heat which is why all of the big brands (such as Solo Vapes) offer a wide range of flavours all year round!

This doesn’t just go for disposable vapes, most companies have started offering their range of disposable vape flavours in nicotine salts too so you can get the same great flavours in a non-disposable pod vape kid.

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