loan EMI calculators work

How does the home loan EMI calculators work?


The biggest concern while taking a home loan is how much you need to pay every month to repay the loan amount. To calculate the EMI you need to pay against a home loan, Home Loan EMI Calculator is used. This tool helps you to determine how much the loan costs and what is your financial commitment with the time period of the loan.

Usually, home loans come with a long tenure. And the Home Loan EMI Calculator helps you to evaluate the financial outflow. Using this tool helps you to stay within your financial budget.

A Home Loan EMI Calculator calculates the exact amount that you need to pay every month in the form of an EMI.  If you are not satisfied with home loans, you can easily change the loan amount, tenure, and loan interest rate to get the offering that best fits your budget.

What is EMI

EMI is Equated Monthly Installment that you have to pay against the loan amount. For example, if you take a home loan, then the EMI is the amount you need to pay to the lender on fix date every month till the loan tenure. Home loan EMI will be monthly payments that you need to make every month to repay the home loan amount.

How does the EMI calculator work

The Home Loan Calculator will give you Amortisation Table that provides you with clear and complete financial data.The amortization schedule is the debt repayment schedule over the loan tenure. It allows borrowers and lenders to know the amount you need to pay during the loan period.It provides you with a complete view of the repayment loan schedule and a list of the following.

  • The initial balance or principal amount you own to the bank
  • The outstanding balance before making EMI payments of home loan.’
  • The outstanding balance after making all EMI payments of the home loan
  • The EMI’s principal component
  • The EMI interest component

A way to usea home loan EMI calculator.

It is quite easy and simple to use a home loan EMI calculator. You need to enter the basic values to calculate the EMI by using the home loan EMI calculator. Here is the information you need to enter on the EMI calculator

  • Loan amount
  • Tenure
  • Interest rate
  • Processing fees
  • Prepayments

If you are not sure about the processing fee and do not know what to enter on the home loan EMI calculator, you should check home loan documents or contact the lender to find out what the EMI is. Once you determine EMI, you can easily enter the field of home loan EMI calculator. The processing fee is the loan percentage amount that is levied to cover the expense of the lender to administer the loan.


Here is how easily you can use the home loan EMI calculator. If you want to determine whether the EMI of a home loan creates a stressful experience for you, then you should use this online EMI calculator.

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