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DC’s Stargirl: What To Expect in Season 3


Over the past two years, DC fans have become acquainted with Stargirl and her team, the Justice Society of America. There have been many ups and downs along the way, but the superheroes have always come out on top.

Writer and producer Geoff Johns decided to bring Stargirl to the CW network in the late 2010s. In May of 2020, “DC’s Stargirl” premiered. The show quickly won the hearts of the public as people got to see an ordinary high schooler, Courtney Whitmore, blossom into a butt-kicking wonder. Now with a third season around the corner, the audience is getting primed for more excitement.

DC’s Stargirl” has been rather unpredictable so far. A perfect foretelling of what’s to come is impossible, but the way the second season ended can give people some ideas.


Perhaps the biggest revelation at the end of the second season was the emergence of Starman. Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff originally belonged to this man, who many people thought was deceased. But when the villainous Eclipso got his hands on the Cosmic Staff and tried to use it for world domination, Starman came out of the woodwork to save the day.

At the season’s close, Starman offered to mentor Stargirl so she can make the most out of the Cosmic Staff. While S.T.R.I.P.E. has been a great mentor for the Justice Society up until this point, he always felt that Stargirl should focus more on school and take it easy with the epic showdowns. Starman, on the other hand, has shown that he empathizes with Stargirl’s priorities when it comes to putting superhero life first.


Eclipso was turned into toast at the end of the second season, and his plans to become a god were thwarted. However, Eclipso was not killed, and he’s shown that he tends to reappear when people don’t expect it. Will he somehow come back in the third season, and if so, what will be his next move?

Yolanda and Cindy

Last but not least, the Justice Society isn’t in perfect condition. Yolanda, who is still recovering from posttraumatic stress disorder from events in the first season, is refusing to rejoin the team. On top of this, the villainous Cindy Burman is seen talking to Yolanda at the end of the second season. What is Cindy up to? Will Yolanda betray her friends?

There’s a lot the third season of “DC’s Stargirl” will have to unpack. Regardless of where things go, it’s clear that another thrilling ride is in store.

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